Tuesday, August 25, 2009

take another little peice of my heart

Here's something that blows my mind--when you think you know something (about yourself, about someone else, about life...), then you come to realize you were 100% wrong. I'm not usually a stubborn or head strong person, but there a few things that require much coercion to make me change my opinion. Before tonight, one of those things was my keen dislike of Jelly Bellys.

Our kind (but sadly ignorant) neighbors gave us a 64 oz. jar of Jelly Bellys as a thanks for checking their mail for a week. Little did they know that we are the kind of family that generally turns up our noses at Jelly Bellys, except to eat the occasional Tutti Frutti, Black Licorice, or French Vanilla. Well, Fate couldn't stand by and watch a perfectly good thousand-or-so Jelly Bellys go to waste, so Fate sent us my two good friends. One who hails from the very birthplace of the Jelly Belly--Fairfield, CA. We sat at the counter talking, while the two of them blissfully grabbed hand fulls of beans. I was finally convinced to taste a caramel corn. ...And I liked it. Then I got more adventurous and had a Peanut Butter, Chocolate Pudding, French Vanilla, Very Cherry, Red Apple, Buttered Popcorn, Cream Soda... Soon I was grabbing into the jar and giggling joyfully with the rest of them.

My dislike turned quickly into obsession. Soon I was cruising the internet looking for more information on the delightful little candies. I came upon a website dedicated to creating Jelly Belly recipes. The only thing better than a Jelly Belly--four Jelly Bellys put together to create Rocky Road. Or hot chocolate or strawberry milkshake, PB&J sandwich, chocolate dipped strawberry, breakfast. So basically, I found virtual heaven.

But those Fairfield geniuses didn't just stop after they had created some fruity hits. They created a world. A world of flavor. Which includes....a line of Cold Stone Creamery flavors.

In the ever applicable words of Brian Regan, "Can life get any better? I submite that it can-not."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

all in a day's work

Today I conquered two giants. To you they may seem like simple everyday actions, but to me, my day's feats were the equivalent of running a marathon, climbing a mountain, or figuring out that blasted rubix cube.

First, I faced a giant and probably poisonous spider. My first thought went something like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhshoot", quickly followed by, "who am I going to get to kill this monster?" Then I remembered the only other person in the house was probably in a (doctor prescribed) drug-induced slumber at the moment. So it was just me and the beasty. After taking a step back and a much needed breather, I formulated a genuis plan. Which, miraculously, ended in the spider rushing through the u-bend, where he no doubt met and became BFF with Moaning Myrtle. This is only the second spider I have ever killed, and it was definitely the biggest. I'm very proud.

My second triumph may seem even more trivial, but to me it signified a rite a passage. It wasn't so much a David and Goliath victory, but more of a life changing realization. As I was making myself a delicious breakfast burrito I hit the egg against the side and pulled it apart like it was nobody's business. No thought of yolk explosion or fear of egg shell disaster. Without even realizing it, my egg cracking fear has slowly but surely faded. And today was the day it all became clear to me. By no means can I do any of your fancy crack-with-one-hand business; just the regular two-handed-crack is victory enough for me.

What a good day.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

to China or not to China

I was so SURE that I wanted to go to China! And really I do still want to. But I don't have this burning ball of happiness in my heart every time I think about it like I used to. That's ok, though, right? I mean, I'm not going to be socompletelyandtotally psyched for eight straight months, right?

Anyway, my excitement levels aside, it is not helping that I am getting bombarded from all sides with reasons to stay. So, in the spirit of Gilmore Girls, I have decided to make a pro/con list. Ready, go.

I miss K's homecoming
I miss A's wedding
I'm set back one more semester (though I really don't care too much about this)
I leave M all all alone
I miss out on a summer filled with potential N goodness

I get to teach English in a foreign country
When else am I going to go to China?!
The Great Wall
Terra Cotta Warriors
I'll have many classrooms full of adoring fans
Everywhere I go, people will stare in admiration of the Tall White Girl
I'll have unparalleled adventures (providing me with excellent blogging material)
It's 800 bucks. Dang.

Ok, while the pros clearly kick the cons' behind in terms of numbers, that list didn't actually help me at all. I knew all those things. And to confuse me even more, if the last few millennia are any indication, China isn't going anywhere. I could put it off. But I'm too scared that if I do that, I'll never get to China. Something else will always come up. I kind of feel like I need to stop thinking so much and just do it.

Exit, brain.