Sunday, July 12, 2009

betcha didn't know

1. I have never eaten a pickle and I plan on keeping it that way
2. My will power is so strong that I am slowly turning the color of my eyes from brown to green
3. I know the spelling, definition, and correct usage of the second longest word in the English dictionary
4. I never throw away backpacks, so I currently have eleven of them in a box in my closet
5. I got a billion X large free t-shirt on campus one day, made it into a giant shirt pillow, named it Francisco, and sleep with it at night
6. One time I pet a giraffe
7. I have accepted that I will never in my life correctly spell or fail to mix up the words "conscious" and "conscience"
8. The only thing worse than taking medicine is taking purple medicine
9. The gay Dumbledore issue will NEVER fail to infuriate me
10. I CANNOT stop in the middle of a series--be it book, TV show, or movie--no matter how many times I've read/seen it before
11. I can quote the entire movie "School of Rock"
12. My dreams are infinitely bigger than my bank account
13. One of the best feelings in the whole world is having freshly brushed teeth
14. The song "I Love Life" by Melissa Lefton will never fail to raise my spirits
15. Despite its unparalleled number of rainy and cloudy days, Salem OR is still the happiest place in the world to me
16. The website I visit more than any other is
17. No matter how old I get, I will always find poop funny
18. My birthday is my favorite day of the year, but I have probably cried on 18 out of 21 them
19. Growing up terrifies me
20. In my heart of hearts I really want to be a famous actress
21. I voluntarily went by the nickname "Stinkycheese" for the entirety of Middle School
22. Shoes are my weakness
23. There have been about three moments in my life that I have not been in mood for $5 pizza at Little Ceasar's
24. I could watch a movie every single day of my life and still never get tired of movies
25. After Hogwarts School of Witcraft and Wizardry, the fictional place that I would most like to be at right this second is Stars Hollow, Connecticut